3Spine - Total joint replacement solution for the lumbar spine

A Fundamentally New Approach to Back Surgery

A revolutionary innovation in spinal care based on common sense, using logic and motion to yield restorative patient outcomes.

The engineering of the solution is refined, advanced, and highly durable. The procedure is a teachable, repeatable technique that’s easy to implement and scale.


Beyond Pain

Put an end to leg and back pain with 3Spine’s intuitive and revolutionary motion-enabling solution.



Our elegantly designed total joint replacement is a pioneering alternative to lumbar spinal fusion for leg and back pain.


Natural balance


Range of motion


Adjacent spinal levels

Our procedure

An Uncompromising Solution

MOTUS is the world’s first total joint replacement for the lumbar spine, and the only true motion alternative to fusion. This unique approach replaces all three lower back structures in a single medical procedure while restoring freedom of movement.

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A Solution Beyond The Expected

Learn more about 3Spine's revolutionary alternative to lumbar spinal fusion.

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