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Low back care is one of the largest unmet clinical needs in orthopaedics, accounting for nearly 50%1 of all missed workdays and 19% of the opioid crisis in the United States.2 Over 1 million degenerative lumbar fusions are performed in the US each year, yet spinal fusion has one of the highest cost and worst outcomes of any hospital procedure.3 Our purpose is to reenvision the paradigm and bring a step change to the management of leg and back pain.​

We’ve taken a radical approach to care, vertically integrating development, clinical research, and healthcare delivery like no other company. Our flagship technology has become a catalyst for the broader business model of restoring the doctor/patient relationship and aligning incentives across stakeholders.

Innovating Spine Motion

It all started with a big idea, and big things tend to come in sets of three:


Spine Motion

It all started with a big idea, and big things tend to come in sets of three:

Cross 3 Columns

The BalancedBack procedure is based on the radical idea of a prosthesis passing through Kambin’s triangle, utilizing the entire length of the pedicle for postural correction and support. The innovation works in much the same way a snowshoe distributes a load across soft snow. This delicate, patented balance of features allows for sagittal deformity correction without compromising integration of the construct.


Unlike an anterior disc, our procedure replaces the function of the disc and both facet joints: the first ever “total” joint replacement for the lumbar spine. No other technology in the market allows the surgeon to more fully address both leg and back pain in a single design.


With our osteotomy, the surgeon can correct over 20-degrees of segmental lordosis per level, using a simple, high-speed, navigated, revisable, posterior approach. Put your head over your feet. Keep it that way if you lose or gain weight. And most importantly, maintain normal biomechanics when you transition from standing to sitting, or when you slump in a chair. All from the back, and even better with the help of a spinal robot.

Sound hard? What if we told you this is all done on an outpatient basis, with hardware implantation time of about 15 minutes? We welcome you to visit our clinic and see for yourself. Total Joint Replacement for the lumbar spine is here.

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