MOTUS a revolutionary technique for leg and back pain, puts you back in motion.


Why 3?

Unlike other joints in your body, your spine has three structures: a disc and two facet joints. To replace that structure you have to replace all three. MOTUS is the only total joint replacement that addresses all three to keep you in motion.

MOTUS represents a revolutionary new technique to address leg and back pain that can result from any disruption of the spine’s normal function.

Motion Matters

It’s your spine’s mobility that lets you move through your day. Stand, sit, slump sit, twist and bend, all depends on the mobility of your lower back. Any loss of function in the lower back can result not just in pain, but decreased range of motion and quality of life.

The result of decades of research and an exhaustive design effort, MOTUS moves beyond spinal fusion, restoring natural balance, maintaining range of motion, and preserving adjacent spinal levels

Critical Curves

Most of us spend as much as 80% of our day sitting. Whether standing, sitting, or assuming the “slump-sit” position common during computer usage, the back adapts by changing its curvature.

Through aging, injury, or misalignment of muscles or vertebrae, however, your spine can lose that ability to naturally alter its curvature.

Spinal fusion—permanently fusing two or more joints in the spine—is an all-too-common response, but given the spine’s need to adjust to enable movement, fusion may relieve pain at the expense of mobility.

MOTUS total joint replacement is a procedural shift; why remove when you can preserve? 3Spine’s revolutionary procedure reconstructs the affected segments in order to restore movement and enable greater mobility with less pain.

Why Not Fuse?

  • Permanent loss of mobility

  • Accelerated degeneration of adjacent spinal levels

  • Unbalanced posture

There’s a Better Way

New Thinking,

New Outcomes

Today, those hoping to avoid fusion and its long-term consequences have another option: BalancedBack total joint replacement.

BalancedBack restores natural balance, and maintains range of motion while preserving adjacent spinal levels.

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